2018 Honda Ridgeline Interior Design, Engine and Spec

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Honda seems have an ability to change something that is just fair become extravagant ad extraordinary just like what is on 2018 Honda Ridgeline. This car has body design which is really unique. It seems that Honda will blend the idea of producing car as well as truck and crossover in one package. Along with that idea, the birth of Ridgeline is announced. The car which will be shown as pick-up car style and will be priced not over to $30.000 seem a brilliant deal to have this year.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Interior Design

Firstly announced in North American International Car Show last January, this car has gain many popularity. The coming of Honda Ridgeline has not been officially announced yet many people has predict about 2018 Honda type R. But beyond that, this car definitely has a really great body design which comes with the same powerful engine system.

We still have no idea about how this car will looks like but there is one thing we can be sure of. It is about the additional of gear up that comes with intelligent VTM-Eco. The features that are added there are like Eco Help System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, and Honda LaneWatch, The interior seems extravagant with many addition features. The exterior seems will have more extra ordinary look as well just like the big and spacious box step added there.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Engine and Spec

Meanwhile 2018 Ridgeline will have powerful engine system. Maybe there will have only one variant of turbocharged that is offered to us. It is the V6 machine system that can make the horsepower up to 280 and 262 pound-feet of torque. It is combined with 6-speed automatic system. The mpg of this car shows a great level that stays at 21 mpg. The engine system is great. The features are entertaining and give more safety.

Several features that will be added there is the Pilot gear that offers really comfortable, simple, and easy way of running the car. The other feature is the lockable bed box that comes with torque vectoring to give a remarkable checklist in running the car conveniently. Honda can be a good and compatible car that comes in a pick-up style. Though we have been expected and guessed many but 2018 Honda Ridgeline release date still has not announced yet. Thus we have to wait for several times again.