2018 Honda Pilot Exterior, Interior, and Engine Details

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Officially, the platform of pilot is introduced in 2002 in USA’s market. This greets their huge fans for the city road as well as the car family’s demand. This platform is surely promised since the trade market shows the positive result. However, Honda does not stuck only in one platform. They always remodel and try to upgrade the system and its appearance. A relevant example would be 2018 Honda pilot. This level will be deployed soon around next year approximately. Basically, it is claimed wider and stronger than its brother. So, let see the power this beast.

2018 Honda Pilot Exterior

Even though Honda pilot admits that it applies the platform of Acura type MDX, this looks much sharper model of fascia, and boxy. The weight, shape, and dimension are more or less the same as the previous generation. However, there is a remarkable change of the grill into huge one numbered 18 inches alloy. This size is sitting properly for SUV even though it is pretty low counted 185 mm. This may change Honda pilot 2018 price compared to the previous.

2018 Honda Pilot Interior

For the interior, generally, what lies reminds the same on the dashboard. 2018 Honda interior change resists this platform since it gets positive feedback from the fans rather than the drawbacks. There will be the infomercial system such as audio and navigation system. Their technology in this case is the best so far in Japanese products. Even the display screen is functioned to show the back of the car. Including, the parking sensor system is added to make a safety ride.

Then, 2018 Honda pilot redesign increases the size of the cabin slightly wider. This brings a high effect on the dimension result especially for the legroom. This decision is made since its space does not give sufficient room to accelerate properly such as changing the gear and swift. At the same time, Honda decides to spend the space for the third row. This will be much friendly for the passengers.

2018 Honda Pilot Engine

Different from Honda CRV, 2018 Honda pilot only offers one single option of the engine. This comes with 3.5 liter of V-6. This is obviously possible to produce the top speed 280 HP approximately. However, this speed will be decreased for Asian market which is only 250 HP. Both of them will be supported with six-automatic. Rumors said that the manufacture also prepares the nine-speed transmission automatically, but it is not officially confirmed yet.