2018 Honda Goldwing Review, Engine Specs, Redesign, Change, Price, Release Date

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Honda, as a car production company, does not always create car in the production for the whole year since they also make motor production car like 2018 Honda Goldwing. This motor will be huge motor with compatible design. Motor parts like fairing, trunk, saddle-back, are made with special design in which it shows the motor concept. The speculation has been arouse as this motor has been long from new production but it seems this time is the right time for the company to give a change for one of their motor-production.

2017 Honda Goldwing Powertrain Specification

Many people have been speculated whether this vehicle will get new redesign and new engine system or not. As touring car with heavy model, next generation Honda Goldwing is indeed created with upgraded engine machine. The suspension that will be used may not far from the GL1800 series with its all new parts. This leading – link suspension will give different performance. The chassis part in which is also important may come with modern style.

The chassis of the new Goldwing may come as weight-reducing trick with proper engine. The chassis may be connected from the front engine which is in upper frame and correlating to steering head holding as well as front shock mount. The chassis also connected the second frame engine with bracket that existed for swing-arm pivot. In a simple way, the suspension and the chassis hold important point in producing great and powerful performance with more stable handling.

Absolutely the powertrain will be the same with flat patent filings and 6-cylinder engine system with two different transmission that is dual – clutch semi transmission and fully automatic transmission. This motor will be offered with standard version and the hybrid one. It can be said that the hybrid is a new model that comes with 4-cylinder with gas electric hybrid. The CTX700 with 7 speeds and reverse gear is available for Honda Goldwing.

2017 Honda Goldwing Redesign

Unlike the previous generation, the new one will have several upgraded design in some parts. Some of upgraded things appeared on this motor are the availability of electronics galore, electrical adjustable that is not exist in the previous one. The light will be used LED ones for the headlights and the tail lights. Some infotainment new tech features are available as well like new audio system, GPS navigation, and others. This motor’s feature will be completed with new electronic suspension, more stability control, different engine modes, middle-corner ABS and new brakes.

For the hybrid there will be new hybrid engine system with DCT type transmission. The features will be completed with thumbwheels that is covered, joystick, and buttons. This motorcycle seems has gathered highly anticipated among riders. Many people have been questioned about the price yet Honda Goldwing 2017 price has not revealed by the factory. The exact date of 2018 Goldwing also has been announced yet.