2018 Honda Element Appearance, Engine, Feature Rumors

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The new 2018 Honda element that will be released in2018 has developed become better vehicle. It is the crossover SUV from Honda series. If you want to find the new car with the unique design or body shape, you can try to find more information about this new 2018 Honda element. It can be your new favorite car because of the beautiful design of exterior and interior.

2018 Honda Element redesign

The exterior design of this 2018 Honda element has some change from the previous design. It has the great bumper with the large horizontal for the opening. It is also providing the driver the comfortable interior because there is the fresh air to reduce the temperature. It is look like jeep model but actually is the not jeep. The design look is beautiful with the lighter design.

This car has some seats with the luxurious impression the material that is used very interesting with the high quality. It can load until 6 passengers with more space. You can enjoy your trip using this car because there is more leg and head room. For more function, 2018 Honda element design is completed with many modern features such as audio system, USB, LCD screen and Bluetooth. These feature applied in this car for the infotainment or entertainment features. The other interesting feature of this Honda element is safety features such as the airbags, cruise control, parking sensors and also navigation system.

2018 Honda Element engine

The new 2018 element will give you the best vehicle because it is using a 2.4-Liter four-cylinder VTEC engine. This engine has chosen because it will provide fuel efficiently and it can produce 150 hp. The fuel efficiency will make the vehicle can run 20 mpg and also 25 mpg for fuel standing for highways respectively and city. You can enjoy the car when it runs on the road because it can produce 165 pounds torque per feet.

2018 Honda Element release date and price

You may need to know more information about 2018 Honda release date and also price. This car will be released soon but still unidentified clearly. You need to be patient for the clear information. This vehicle is expected has the price around $20,000 to $30,000. The 2018 Honda element price will depend on the features and engine. This information will help you to make the best decision before take the best choice for your new vehicle.