2018 Honda Crossover: Crosstour for Coupe and SUV Market

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Honda has reached many segments in auto market which one of them is crossover. Honda crossover always wins people’s heart with its stunning look, great performance, and powerful engine. Now, people start expecting the newest Crossover that Honda will release as 2018 year edition. Now, please welcome, Honda Crosstour, 2018 Honda Crossover. Rumors and sneak peek are available. Let’s find out more.

2018 Honda Crossover Auto Segments

Crosstour will be presented to compete between two segments: coupe and SUV. The powertrain will be much better as well as its look. It is expected to have economical 4-cylinder unit. It will produce 180hp that is supported by the V6 drivetrain. Later, 250 horsepower will be conducted as the engine will be supported by 5 or 6 gears auto transmission. The standard offer is front-wheel drive. This model will highlight the fuel consumption. In other words, this 2018 Crossover will be fuel-friendly.

2018 Honda Crossover Engine

On the other hand, rumor mentions that Crosstour will have two petrol engine options. The first engine option is i-VTEC four-cylinder inline 2.4 liter engine. This engine can generate 219 Nm of torque and 143 kW. Meanwhile, the second engine option is i-VTEC engine 3.5 L with inline six cylinders. More than 200 kW is offered to empower this car. If the former edition is completed with six-speed transmission, this Honda Crossover will be powered by five speed gear system that completes its base engine.

2018 Honda Crossover Exterior and Interior

Modern features are also promised in Crosstour 2018 that makes your journey satisfying and extremely comfortable. Smart phone connectivity, new audio system, dual-zone air conditioning and full leather cabin are just some of those great modern features in this 2018 Honda Crossover. White diamond pearl and silver metallic is also expected to improve its exterior. Those colors will be astonishing with chrome finish. Furthermore, you can have safe ride with navigation, assist system, and rear-view camera that helps you to park. All those features are upgraded and ready for you.

As 2018 Crossover, Crosstour offers comfort in its cabin. Comfortable seats and spacious cabin will be perfect with high and advanced infotainment and connection system that include navigation, security, and audio system. It will make its performance perfect. Are you ready for this 2018 Honda Crossover? Crosstour is an amazing competitor for Subaru Outback, Toyota Venza, Acura TSX Sports Wagon. By the fourth quarter of 2017, prepare $28,000 as the base price for this 2018 Crossover.