2018 Honda Clarity Variants, Redesigned, Exterior and Interior

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When it is firstly introduced in 2008, FCX Concept becomes the base of Honda Clarity. For the base, Honda Clarity is a midsize sedan that brings a revolution in this industry with a five-time charging time and zero emissions. Eight years later, Honda Clarity comes back with its second generation. It is Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. The second generation wins the U.S. market. If you think Clarity’s innovation stops here, just be prepared. 2018 Honda Clarity is supposed to be released soon and it brings various improvements in this midsize sedan.

2018 Honda Clarity  Mile Range and Fuel Economy

We have already mentioned that the second generation brings revolution as the driving range is increased. Clarity’s second generation is on the top with its 366 mi or 589 km of EPA driving range. Moreover, Clarity also leads the fuel economy ratings with 66/68/67 MPGe (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent) fuel economy. It brings a lot of love for Clarity’s lovers. The combined fuel economy is increased of 8 MPGe. When you find the 2014 Clarity has 372 km or 231 mi range, this year edition is increased.

2018 Honda Clarity Variants

2018 Honda Clarity will surprise us for sure it is released with two additional variants: Electric and Plug-in Hybrid. This good news is announced in April 2016. Unfortunately, the details are not announced soon after the first new. According to the rumor, The Plug-in Hybrid Clarity 2018 may have an all-electric 64 km or 40mi mile range. Plug-in Hybrid will be spread in all 50 states in the U.S. that includes Alaska and Hawaii. Even though Plug-in Hybrid Clarity 2018 has lower electric range, it is expected to be much better than the other upcoming variant.

2018 Honda Clarity Redesigned Exterior and Interior

Honda Clarity 2018, on the other hand, has many improvements that include its fuel economies, mile ranges, and – the important thing – design. It will be available in three colors like black, white, and maroon. All those colors bring more style and elegance for this midsize sedan. The new headlights are long that add its style. The redesigned front bumper makes it perfect.

Clarity 2018 is also expected to have more legroom, headroom, and space for the passengers and cargo. Five passengers can be accommodated in comfort. The seats are leather-wrapped and they suit the cabin as the color is the same. Even though the technology and safety system are not upgraded, 2018 Honda Clarity will be satisfying, stylish and elegant as always. Clarity 2018 will be released in the second half of this year. The price is still mystery but just be prepared for its best performance.