2018 Honda ATVs: Look Back at Pilot, ATC250R, and Odysseys

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Besides cars and motorcycle, Honda also produces a special vehicle for recreation and hard roads. It is ATV. ATV means all-terrain vehicle. Honda has produced various ATV since decades ago and it still runs till nowadays such as Honda Pilot, Honda TRX 700XX, Honda Odyssey, Honda Rincon, Honda TRX 420, TRX250R, and TRX450R. People expect the latest innovation of 2018 Honda ATVs. Either rumor or sneak peek has not been officially spread. However, we can predict it from the previous edition. Let’s find out!

Honda Pilot

This is an all-terrain vehicle that Honda produced in 1989 and 1990. Honda Pilot is also popular for its Honda model number, FL400R. The body is based on the former Honda Odyssey. Furthermore, Pilot becomes the last ATV that is produced in this style. The engine is a 397cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine. It also features four-point safety harness and a full roll cage. Honda Pilot is a great ATV for recreation or riding in hard roads.

Honda ATC250R

If you want to have 2018 Honda ATVs with high-performance, Honda ATC250 is a great option. Firstly-manufactured in 1981, ATC250R always presents its greatest performance. The early models that are available during 1981 to 1984 uses 248 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine which is air-cooled. It is completed with 27 mm or 30 mm round-slide carburetor. You can access the power via a close-ratio five-speed transmission that is paired with a manual clutch.

The next model of ATC250R is available during 1985 to 1986. The engine is a liquid-cooled 246 single-cylinder two-stroke engine. The slide carburetor is available in two variants: a 34 mm round for 1985 year edition and flat slide carburetor for 1986 year edition. Unfortunately, ATC250R lacks of power valve that becomes its biggest engine collapse. After all, all ATC250R models years are fully adjustable and suspended. It all thanks to its air-assisted front forks that works along its single, remote reservoir gas-charged rear shock. These features make your ride stable. This Honda ATV competes with Yamaha Tri-Z 250, Tiger ATV, and Kawasaki KXT Tecate 250. Later, ATC250R will be updated as what have been added in 1987 such as possibly keyed ignition, redesigned logo, and white plastic.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey is also expected as one of 2018 Honda ATVs. It is a single-seat four-wheel ATV that is produced in 1977 and 1989. Odyssey’s first generation is famous for its yellow body plus its black roll bar with no front bumper. Unfortunately, the first generation of Odyssey has many issues that affect its performance. It lacks of rear suspension that cause stress cracks in handling and frame. Heating issues are also presented in this generation. Later in 1981, Honda introduces Odyssey’s second generation with color changes and some improvements. It has full cage roll-bar with other features like CDI, fuel filter with larger capacity, and more.

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