2018 Acura NSX Review, Specs, Change, Price, Release Date

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2018 Acura NSX is also manufactured by Honda but it is specialized on producing high and premium sedan car and mostly sell in North America market. The characteristic design which mostly appears in this series is the two seats car with middle engine car collaborates with sports car to give higher performance. This year the company seems going to release the next generation of this series with upgraded features, designs, and specs.

2018 Acura NSX Specifications

 2018 Acura type R specs will use the latest engine system that has been applied in several model cars releasing in the same following year with it. The machine may use 3.5 liter engine with V6 engine system, new automatic transmission, and higher performance. The powertrain arrangement with right transmission gives a huge influence in producing higher horsepower. The rumor says that this car may produce up to 550 hp.

Acura NSX will be completed with several main features like Sport Hybrid Super Handling system along with All Wheel Drive system. Both of them require high torque. The new hi-tech system is still completed with Integrated Dynamic System. The middle position engine system together with upgraded 9-speed dual clutch and automatic transmission helps the car to produce compatible speed with satisfying acceleration. In the 0 – 60 mpg the result reaches up to 3 second and the higher top speed is up to 200 mph.

2018 Acura NSX Change Design

2018 NSX will have new sporty and elegant body design that is different with the previous series. This year Honda NSX type R will have several new interior aspects and exterior parts. The design will be sharper edges, spacious size, and new honeycomb with more protective covering. It is clear that this car will have new LED lights as well especially the headlights, and new wheels. In the exterior side, this car will have better infotainment system and entertaining features like premium luxurious leather seats material, LCD touchscreen with clear display, audio system, and navigation system

Safety system like blind spot monitor, Air bag, key lock security, is available. The automatic climate control system seems added as well. The price of Acura NSX is not released yet same with the date of when this car is released too. However, it sounds worth to wait as this car clearly comes with totally elegant sporty design with huge powertrain source. As an addition, the upgraded features and design changing gives better point for this car to be available in other parts country in the world.