2017 Honda CR-V New Look, Performance and Release Date

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Honda is known as the one of most prominent auto manufacture in the world. They never stop creating a great product to pleasant their customers around the world. One of the most wanted product from Honda is the 2017 CR-V. This product is a high-class SUV, which could be special choice. The new Honda CR-V offers special combination of look and performance. Here, we will deliver some matters of 2017 Honda CR-V configurations, which could be the consideration before you add it in your new wish list.

2017 Honda CR-V New Exterior

New 2017 CR-V has a great exterior view. The new body comes with an elegant detail. There is no layer in the body, which will make it looks very modern. In other hand, the new Honda CR-V now uses carbon as the basic material of body, which will decrease the weight of car. SUV has bigger grille and bumper to make it looks stronger. In other hand, the rear of 2017 CR-V is nice with the new sharper LED headlight. In overall, Honda CR-V has better body for great stability.

2017 Honda CR-V Interior

Then, how about the interior view of new Honda CR-V? Well, there are two row seats inside the car, which will cover up to five passengers. Seeing the capacity, 2017 Honda CR-V EX is nice to be used as the family car. In other hand, the new 2017 CR-V has a great design in its seat. The seat is covered with leather and now it applies the new headrest and safety belt. The occurring of LCD inside 2017 CR-V renew the look of dashboard. Then, it has great interior features, such as new entertainment tool, Bluetooth connectivity, video player and others.

2017 Honda CR-V Engine

The base engine of this SUV is 1.5L V4 engine. It is the standard engine, which will make the Honda CR-V great in performance. What make the engine of new 2017 CR-V special is the turbo CVT technology. The new technology comes to increase the acceleration of the car during the driving. Besides, new Honda CR-V applies the dual fuel injection, which will stabilize the fuel consumption in the long journey. New engine inside the hood also has lower pollution.

Honda CR-V Price and Release Date

Base price of the 2017 Honda CR-V LX is around $27,995. Then, we predict that the new Honda CR-V will come to the market in the middle of this year.

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