2017 Honda Civic type R Specs, Redesigns, Price List, Release Date

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2017 Honda Civic type R will definitely complete the series alongside with Coupe, Hatchback, and Sedan type. This car will be the special model car that comes with more advanced engine system with new attractive model designs. If the rumor is true then this car will be the next model up to the line in producing this year. It seems that the chance of creating the 10th generation of R type makes a sense. Then what we will get from this new series? Here is some brief info.

2017 Honda Civic type R Specifications

There is no official released for the specs info of this series. This Honda Civic type R 2017 Specs may same with the siblings’ model car like Hatchback, Coupe, or even Sedan. But there is a possibility that this car will use the new engine system. The 1.5L turbocharged and 4-cylinder seems compatible for this series especially after the high horsepower can be reach out. The hp level may show at 180 hp with related level of torque.

Then the brakes and the trims will use the new one that is compatible with this series. This car may use new features. The features that are to be completed are adaptive suspension that comes with and limited slip differential. Then the available of 6-speed manual transmission may be added as well as the automatic system. This car that is probably sold in several areas including North America will have premium performance.

 2017 Civic Type R Redesigns

There will be changes in designs for this latest version of 2017 Civic type R. This car that will have sport designs that looks compatible. The body style for this car may come as four doors or three doors. The body design will definitely look fresh and young. The sporty design that gets along well with the engine system makes compatible performance that is beyond than other model. This car will have various technology system and new additional items. Meanwhile the interior infotainment, entertainment, and safety tech gives a plus point.

Some of the features that will likely be added there is the dual zone climate, rain sensing, windscreen wipers, automatic headlights with new LED lights. New headlamps as makes a point. The fog light and the taillights look strong and new. Then there is dusk sensor with power folding door mirrors, cruise control, and airbags safety. Those are some of Civic type R features that may be added there.

This car will be enter the USA market firstly and then spread to the other areas after times. Honda Civic type R USA may have different models with different engine system being offered. This car that come with new design and machines really appropriate for the new enchanted car. Other than USA this car will be offered to other country and areas like in Europe, Australia, and Singapore. Each of the country market will have different version that comes from the same prototype. Honda Civic type R may be sold around $19.000 or more.