2017 Honda Civic Si Redesigns, Specs, Release Date

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2017 Honda Civic Si is a car with coupe model that might have been introduced lately. This car has sporty face that can be easily seen by the exterior designs. The interior looks rich and luxurious with premium material and full of interesting features. This sporty injection car will have update engine system and interesting designs.

2017 Civic Si Specs

2017 Civic Si Specs will use 1.5L turbocharged with 4-cylinder that is available for the regular or the standard version while the other version will use 2.0L turbocharged with 4-cylinder. But this engine system is still an issue. It means there is a chance for the company to choose other type of engine system to be applied in the next series. This Civic Si will definitely use HFP or Honda Factory Performance that comes with new front splitter. The rear spoiler is included there as well. Then the performance tires may show around 235/35 level.

2017 Civic Si Redesign

2017 Civic Si will have new designs with more sporty looks. It can be seen from the 19 inches wheel that is come from aluminum alloy type. Then the addition of new handling features technology and others like adaptive dampers, active steering, and mechanical limited slip gives this car more protection. The design of the front sport seats, aluminum shift knob, and aluminum pedal makes this car looks rich. Then the steering wheels, the doors, and the boots are included.

2017 Civic Si Price

The car that may produce the horsepower up to 220 hp to 230 hp is really compatible. The manual transmission that is available shows high power with a good performance. Meanwhile the automatic transmission may also be added for an optional. The dual clutch may also come over as well. This coupe car can really run well in the road. The comfortable designs make it even more precious. Then how much is Honda Civic Si price?

There is no official price that is introduced and no official release date as well. But there is a possibility that this Honda Civic Si will be offered around $19.000 to $25.000. This new series may available for several models and various colors as option. This car will be a good and smart car to have around this year especially for those who look for a coupe type car with premium performance. This car along with sedan type and hatchback model can be a good couple to be driven in the city road.