2017 Honda Civic Sedan Specs, Changes, and Concepts

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The 2017 model years of vehicles are upon us. One of most anticipated gifts are the additions of manual transmission options to the turbocharged on 2017 Honda civic sedan. For the debuts years, 2016, this 10th generation offers six-speed manual. It is only offered on 2017 Honda civic lx as base trim. This will be mated with naturally aspirated 2.0 liter 4-cylinder. However, for more powerful engines with 174 horsepower, 1.5 turbocharged four can only be had with CVT automatic. This is remained until now.

2017 Honda civic sedan concepts

Some of customers have known about the civic shakeups for sometimes. The manufacturer today has released the price for stick-shift, sedan and turbocharged civic coupe model and full 2017 four and two-door lineups. Previously, the automakers detail new concept of hatchback version that is introduced turbo engine powertrain or six-speed manual options. As previously, the ranges will include LX with either automatic or manual and automatic-only version includes 2017 Honda civic ex-l, lx-p, and also touring trims. For sedan version, it also starts with LX that is with automatic and manual choices and moves up to automatic only including touring, EX-L, and EX.

2017 Honda civic sedan prices

The prices of this 2017 Honda across the boards raise just $100. As for new turbocharged, manual-transmission systems, it is offered as new EX-T trim levels that slots between ex-l and lx on the sedans and between ex-l and lx-p on 2017 Honda civic coupe. Besides, the price of stick shift EX-T coupe is started around $22,435, with sedan versions carry the slight discounts around $22,335, the automatic version if $800 options.

To get the turbocharged with manual of less, consider hatchback version. Each hatchback has turbo engines which includes stick shift base model LX. The price is started around 420,335 far less than the sedan ex-t and coupe models. The buyers could also spring for more aggressive looking sport trim levels that are six horsepower stronger. This has the sticks as well as boasts the center-exit exhausts, dark-colored wheels, and blacked-out body trims. The prices are just under turbo coupes of 2017 Honda civic sedan. Technically, ex-t two and four-door model is much better equipped but that is depending on what equipments you look for. If you want sportiness more in your bag, sport hatch is representing great deals. However, this upcoming sedan is the best choice for those who love modern and simple styles. Unfortunately, the information about release date has been not announced yet.